a fan brings Mikasa to life in a realistic illustration

Of the Special Operations Squad team, Mikasa is possibly one of the most beloved characters of all. First because it is linked directly to Eren Jaeger and second because she is an impeccable soldier in her work. Also, her appearance is quite charming and her personality somewhat interesting.

Although many know her well from the anime, we still haven’t had a chance to see a good live-action film adaptation of Attack on Titan. Luckily a ArtStation artist named Blue Salt ha reimaginado a Mikasa in such a realistic Fan Art that you will want to come true.

Mikasa Attack on Titan
Realistic Mikasa – Fan Art x Blue Salt

This is how the artist imagines Mikasa in real life, a girl with a profiled face and eyes that stand out, details that stand out just like in the anime. If you are interested, you can also another realistic Mikasa design that you will surely love.

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