a magnificent Lara Croft in Candylion cosplay

The franchise of Tomb Raider born on the Sony home console has a very long history. Created in the 90s, it has undergone several renovations recently to be able to rejuvenate the formula and its characters, presenting a completely different Lara Croft than the one we once knew.

From 1996 to today, Lara Croft has changed, presenting itself not only in videogame reboots but also in Tomb Raider movies in a completely different way. While discussing the changes that will be made to the Tomb Raider 2 film, however, we remember the first version of the protagonist.

The archaeologist initially caused a sensation for her cynical and cold character, accompanied by a physique of a femme fatale. Played in the two early 2000s feature films by Angelina Jolie, there are also several cosplayers who have tried to step into her shoes. One of these is Candylion which you can see in the photo below.

This Lara Croft cosplay she resumes the look with a light blue tank top and short brown shorts and does not miss all the paraphernalia she needs for the various missions. What do you think of this cosplay of the protagonist of Tomb Raider? In recent months, Candylion has also proposed a Scarlet Witch cosplay to celebrate Wandavision.

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