A postcard of the past – remember the 1940s cosplay

At the end of the 1940s at Papplewick October 2016 pumping station. I love the nostalgic 1940s weekend, giving people every day an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the past, and engaging their minds with those who have walked before us. Historians don’t like nostalgia, but it’s just a way to highlight the differences between themselves and others. I personally love it. With nostalgia, people can ‘step in, and go back’ to the past in safety. Of course, when people do this it can be argued that they often choose the best part of the past, so as quite often happens, there is a degree of distortion that takes its place. But as interests grow, there is a subsequent growth in accuracy as historical cultures develop and grow with it. For example, a lot of heritage sites now hold nostalgic events throughout the year. The weekends of the 1940s war are very popular, because not only where does the heritage dress her look as they read in the 1940s, they also invite the public to participate in this nostalgic event by encouraging them to dress and play roles ( cosplay) party too. By allowing people to enter the role, and immerse themselves in the experience, they feel the past and form associations with it, reinforcing their desire for more history. When you walk in the footsteps of someone training the past, you learn about their lives in a way that no book or film or historical document could ever come close to.

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