Anime-Among-Us with a story creates a lot of anticipation

The Nintendo Switch is growing in the form of an anime-style game similar to Among Us. Fans are looking forward to it.

An interesting Japanese game will soon find its way onto the Nintendo Switch. In terms of theme, it is similar to the popular deduction game Among Us – in terms of style, more of an anime. Switch owners are looking forward to a crazy story about treason and manslaughter.

Anime-Among-Us will soon hit the Switch

In just a few days, the Nintendo eShop should add a new game to its range. The new addition is called Gnosia and should be of particular interest to players of the deduction game Among Us: just like last year’s surprise hit, Gnosia is about you and your spaceship crew have to take a close look to find out who the alien traitor is and thus could be a danger for you and your crew members.

So again your powers of observation and sensitivity are in demand. Unlike Among Us, however, Gnosia focuses on a complex story and its characters to get to know. So there is unfortunately no multiplayer, but all the more depth in terms of story. There is also a roguelike element through which you have to find out over and over again who the alien is. The game is supposed to already on March 4th im Nintendo eShop countries.

Check out the atmospheric trailer here:

What do the fans say about Gnosia?

However, this is not the very first time Gnosia has made its debut. In fact, it was released for the PlayStation Vita two years ago – but only in Japan. When the good piece was presented at Nintendo Indie Direct a few months ago, it quickly caught the attention of the audience.

Nintendo eShop credit
Nintendo eShop credit

Nintendo eShop credit

Compare some what you can see in the trailer with the successful „Zero Escape“-Reihe. There is still a lot to read and the game seems to have huge potential for shocking twists and turns.

Other switch owners discuss the possibility if she Among Us could have led to the localization of the Japanese werewolf game. However, the timing is probably pure coincidence.

Can you survive the ultimate horror adventure?

What do you think of the hybrid of Among Us-style deduction game and visual novel? Do you fancy the single player adventure or do you prefer to stick with werewolf games that you can play together with your friends? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.


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