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Apparel goods inspired by souvenirs from the city “Sternbild”, which is the setting of the anime “TIGER & BUNNY”, are now on the EC site “DD Market”, which sells goods such as anime, movies, dramas and TV programs. We are accepting reservations.

This item is an apparel product designed with the image of a souvenir from the city “Sternbild” where heroes play an active role in protecting public order, which is the stage of the anime “TIGER & BUNNY”.[Sternbild series](T-shirt / hoodie / sweatshirt) designed with the image of “Sternbild”, and the transportation company[POSEIDON LINE series](T-shirt / hoodie / sweatshirt) that operates the city’s transportation network. ) Will be developed.

The sophisticated design, which does not seem to be an anime item at first glance, is perfect for everyday use. The new series “TIGER & BUNNY 2” is scheduled to start in 2022, so let’s look forward to seeing the heroes again wearing this item.

>>> See design details and product lineup (9 photos)

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