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On April 12, the Weibo topic “Black Cat Sheriff’s Real Name” appeared on Weibo hot searches. It is reported that the Black Cat Sheriff did not have his real name in the anime, but the Black Cat Sheriff has his own name in the original comics.This name may make many fans doubt reality, his name is Mimi.In the anime, when we first saw the Black Cat Sheriff, we discovered that he was already a policeman.

However, in the original comics, the Black Cat Sheriff did a lot of other work. For example, chefs, photographers, reporters, drivers, etc., you can’t think of it without reading cartoons.

Public information shows thatThis is a five-episode cartoon directed by Dai Tielang, Fan Madi and Xiong Nanqing, adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhu Zhixiang by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio.

This cartoon tells the story of the witty, brave, and handsome Black Cat Sheriff, led by the sergeant, to kill the hamsters, solve the mantis case, eliminate one ear and other cases that endanger the safety of the forest, and make all kinds of animals in the forest. The story of a life of peace of mind.

Since the animation was broadcast in 1984, it has been received by a wide audience.In particular, the love of children has become a good memory for children in the 1980s and 1990s.


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