Cosplay: Random Event # 1 (Bangkok, Thailand) ~ Happy New Year! ~

Random Event videos are events and / or random meetings that are too small / short to have its own video (don’t like to make a video that lasts only a mine). Anyways Happy New Year. ^^ Event: Maruya # 5 Random Encounters at CentralWorld Music: “Sunrise (The Twitchers Mix)” by Loveshadow The music has been extended for this video, you can listen to the original music here: / files / Loveshadow / 15241 are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (3.0) please send me a message who you are playing as (cosplay) … in English *. 555 (Don’t know much Thai) And many thanks also to all the cosplayers for letting me take a video ~ the audio content of this video belongs to the respective recording artist. No money has changed in making this video and it was purely done with fun and appreciation for the artist. * You can comment in any language. Please note that if you want to ask me a question please ask me in English. Also if the question is directed at me please message me via my facebook page if you can (youtube comment system is terrible at keeping track of ATM responses.) Thanks. ^^; for extra stuff. ^^

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