DMZ LANSUN Cinema, Darak, 7 documentaries in memory of the 7th anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster screened

/ Photo = DMZ Attic

At the 13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, DMZ LANSUN Cinema Docu & 樂 prepares the’Seventh Anniversary Memorial Exhibition of the Sewol ferry disaster’.

‘DMZ Attic’, which combines documentary’da’ and’joy’, is a screening program of the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, where you can enjoy documentaries online more conveniently and closely.

You can watch a total of 7 short documentaries on the official YouTube of DMZ Docs for 2 weeks, from the nominated’Remember of Absence’, which was nominated for the 2020 Academy Awards, to a film made by a youth director. Each of the screenings illuminates the Sewol ferry disaster from multiple angles through a variety of approaches from animation to observational cameras, and at the same time makes it possible to realize that memory is a responsibility.

In addition to the 7 screenings, a new memorial song video by the 4.16 Choir and the message video of the Sewol Lake Disaster Family Council will be introduced in the 7th anniversary. Detailed information, including screening information, can be found on the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival website.

Jeong Sang-jin, executive chairman of the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, said, “This year’s’DMZ Attic’ presents works that can draw attention to the social and cultural role of the documentary. We are preparing a plan for May 18 following the Sewol ferry memorial exhibition in April, so we ask for your interest.”

Meanwhile, the screenings will be screened through the festival’s official YouTube channel for two weeks from 9 am on April 13 to 9 pm on the 27th.

/Soojin Choi

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