DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Is a second season coming on Netflix?

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Netflix released a new series on the DOTA video game series last month. What are the chances of a second season?

If there’s one thing that Netflix loves in particular, it’s re-editions and adaptations. The streaming provider has already converted countless books and video games into series or films. The latest project is called DOTA: Dragons Blood and, as the name suggests, is based on the famous video game series DOTA. Subscribers are facing a total of eight episodes, but is there still a second season of the anime series?

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – That’s what the Netflix anime is about

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has been available on Netflix since March 25th. The series was produced in the South Korean animation studio Mir with the support of the video game developers at Valve. The plot is loosely based on DOTA 2.

At the center of the story is the dragon knight Davion, who has vowed to eradicate all evil in the world. On his travels through the country he met a mighty Eldwurm and the princess Mirana one day and got into an adventure the extent of which he could never have imagined.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Will there be a second season?

So far it is unclear whether DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be extended by a second season or not. Netflix has not yet commented on this. But there is hope.

As Robert Meyer Burnett, who among other things takes on the animation of the series, in an episode of his YouTube podcast revealed that the 24th episode is already in production. This leads to the pretty sure conclusion that a 2nd and even a possible 3rd season will appear. When exactly the sequel will come is impossible to say. We’ll keep you up to date on our website.

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