Evangelion and Naruto: Peruvian politicians use anime and cosplay for their campaigns

The anime has had a great growth. Not only in Japan, his country of origin, but throughout the world, and especially in Latin America. Many people identify as fans of this medium, and there are some who seek to take advantage of it.

Among them certain politicians from Peru, as is the case of Jorge Hugo Romero Y Milagros Juarez. Doing cosplay of certain characters seek to attract the ‘otaku vote’ as some media have baptized it.

Jorge Hugo Romero, a real life akatsuki in Peru

In the case of Romero, he is a member of the Christian People’s Party O PPC. He is known for dressing up as one of the members of the infamous Ataksuki Organization from Naruto shippuden.

According to him, he chose this appearance because the members of the group were ‘renegade ninjas’. At least initially they organized against corrupt forces, but their ideals were lost over time. This politician affirmed that for years he chose this path.

Go to Congress, Shinji: Candidate from Peru sings the opening of Evangelion to attract voters

That goes back 11 years, when it started with the PPC. ‘Before I hated politics, until I realized that if I did not participate in it, I would be letting the corrupt continue to make the decisions’, he claimed Jorge Hugo Romero.

So he decided to turn to the power of anime to get the attention of young people. Among his goals is to create a Shinobi Alliance in the Andean Parliament. That would be through a law of international scope.

Other anime are used, such as Evangelion

So it promises that all university degrees are valid in the countries that are part of it, such as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. In the case of Milagros Juarez, she is part of Union for Peru O UP.

She achieved a lot of fame by taking advantage of TikTok doing cosplay from Asuka Langley from Evangelion and singing the theme A Cruel Angel’s Thesis. He believes that the current politicians all they do is maintain corruption.

‘They say they are serious because they dress elegantly, but when they come to power, they steal and end up disappointing the population’ he claimed Juarez.

This policy seeks to pass an initiative to deport unemployed foreigners who have committed crimes in Peru.

According Benjamín Edwards, director of the Peruvian Marketing Society, young people do not laugh at these politicians. Unlike, ‘believe in them’, he claimed. It will be necessary to see how they go.



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