Genshin Impact, the gacha game that has depopulated

You’ve almost certainly heard of Genshin Impact, a free to play game (to be precise a Gacha MMORPG open world) developed by miHoYo which, mainly thanks to the graphics of the characters, has captured the attention of many people, including Cosplayers.

Traveler Lumine ed Aether

Launched on September 28, 2020 for Windows, PS4, Android, iOS and relaunched on November 11 of the same year for PS5, the game has become a financial success right away, in fact, after two weeks the sales exceeded 100 million dollars and after one month, the revenues deriving from the mobile versions of the game alone were 287 million dollars. Its strong performance continued until October 2020 becoming the highest-grossing game worldwide during that month. In two months, the game grossed over $ 393 million on mobile devices, making it the second highest-grossing mobile game during that time period, after Honor of Kings. As of December 2, 2020, Genshin Impact is one of the top 50 highest-grossing mobile games in history. Even before the game’s release, over 21 million registrations were recorded, 16 million of which were from China. According to various analysts, Genshin Impact is the largest international game of all Chinese video games. Release also announced for Nintendo Switch, however, the release date is currently unknown. But what makes this game so successful?

The initial characters: Amber, Kaeya, Lisa

Game setting

Genshin Impact is set in the world of Teyvat, divided into seven nations: Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, Fontaine, Natlan e Snezhnaya. Each nation is ruled by a Archon (魔神, Móshén, literally “demon god”): a deity connected to an element and an ideal and who is worshiped in the nation to which it is linked. Seven, are also the elements present in the game: Anemo, Geo, Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Electro e Dendro.

I 7 elements, in order: Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, Dendro, Cryo, Geo.

At the moment it is possible to explore only two of the aforementioned countries, namely Mondstadt e Liyue. Each of them is based in morphology and customs on a part of the real world: influences from Central Europe and in particular from Germany have been used for Mondstadt, while Liyue is inspired by various Chinese regions.


Numerous characters are available to the player, each of them linked to an element.

Characters can be 4 or 5 stars, are available of every element, except for the dendro which, currently, is not yet available, and are obtained by exchanging the so-called “Wishes” of the “Primogem”. The system is analogous to obtain weapons, which, unlike the characters, they can have from 3 to 5 stars. Obviously 5-star characters and weapons are the rarest and are less likely to be found. Some are limited and cannot be found until their banner comes out.

At the beginning of the story the player will have to choose between two characters, said traveler (Aether The light), with which to begin the story and going a little further in the game, the player will be “given” three more (Amber, Pyro; Kaeya, Cryo; Lisa, Electro).

If the characters attract it’s Cosplay blast

Certainly there fantastic character graphics by Genshin Impact could not fail to completely capture the attention of Cosplayers who wasted no time in wanting to wear the shoes of their favorite characters and first started publishing instant through their social networks and then came to want to pose for professional sets.

Both costumes and hairstyles are of considerable inspiration, which are quite particular and complex especially in style. But of course, style isn’t the only striking feature – they want their fair share of attention there too characterization ed i roles of the characters, who are also those fairly well-kept, different from each other and in any case all important for the story of the game.

Going forward in history, in fact, we can find, as well as nuns, bards and knights, extremely characters shy and others definitely more casual, but also seducers around which the Fandom discusses a lot and strives to continuously create entertaining content.

In short, we can say that miHoYo has created not only a very nice and interesting game from every point of view, but also a real phenomenon that will certainly not fade soon and of which we just have to wait for new developments. What do you think? Are you playing with it or have you yet to start? What is your favorite character?


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