Hideaki Anno, Evangelion’s father, confirms it’s ‘a robot anime’

Neon Genesis Evangelion It is one of those jewels of Japanese animation eternally loved by viewers. With a story that puts the magnifying glass on the character of Shinji Ikari, this production was born from the mind of Hideaki Anno in 1995 when the first episode aired. Since then, fans have been denying that Eva units are giant robots… but this perception is going to change completely. Anno himself has confirmed that, indeed, Evangelion is “a robot anime”.

Evangelion: Hideaki Anno arrives to end the debate

During a recent press conference, the creator of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, wanted to address the success of the most recent film Evangelion 3.0+1.0, which after a long wait debuted in Japan last month. In his speech he was accompanied by Megumi Ogata, the voice of Shinji Ikari, when he spoke the following words: “Evangelion is a robot anime”Anno expressed. His revelation surprised even Ogata, who exclaimed, “Ah, is it a robot anime?”

Continuing with her statements, Anno added the following: “Among the robot anime, Gundam is famous, but not even Gundam reaches 10 billion yen. “The figure was pronounced in reference to the revenue that the new film is expected to obtain. Evangelion box office. “I’m really grateful that with a niche robot anime like this we can target 10 billion yen,” he added.

“Evangelion is a robot anime”

These statements have undoubtedly taken fans by surprise. In Japanese, as pointed out from Kotaku, EVA’s official description is “Hanyou Hitagata Kessen Heiki Evangelion”, which is sometimes translated as: “Evangelion Universal Humanoid Fighting Machine”. In the meantime, it is unknown when the film will be available in Spanish cinemas, but it is possible that it will debut sometime in 2021.

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