“House of Shadows” – a trailer with Russian subtitles for a fantastic anime set in a gloomy Victorian England

The trailer for the series was released on the YouTube channel WAKANIM Russia “House of Shadows” (Shadows House) with subtitles in Russian. The trailer features the closing theme of the anime – the song Nai Nai performed by the singer ReoNa. The series will begin airing on Wakanim on April 10 in Russia.

Synopsis of an anime from an online service:

In the mansion, built in a western way, faceless shadows live, behaving like persons of blue blood. They are looked after by living dolls that replace their own faces. This house is not visited by guests, it is filled only with soot and shrill voices.

Quote from press release


Kate Shadow Mites Quito Tsukasa Yuzaki in the series “Beauty: Take Me to the Moon”, Nezuko Kamado in the series “Demon Slayer”
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Luis / Lu Ayane Sakura Gabi in the series “Attack of the Titans: Final”
John / Sean Kodai Sakai Toshchiyuki Fujioka in the TV series “The King’s Game”
Patrick / Ricky Reiji Kavashima Toshchiyuki Fujioka in the TV series “The King’s Game”
Edward Wataru Hatano Motojiro Kaji in the series “Stray Dogs Prose”, Takumi Kibakawa in the series “Walvreave the Liberator”
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Barbie Rie Kugimiya Kagura in the TV series “Gintama”, Haumea in the TV series Flame Squad
Ryan Daisuke Kishchio Imadori Kyosuke in the series “School Trouble”, Tskune Aono in the series “Rosario + Vampire”
Dorothy Yoko Hikasa Rias Gremory on High School DxD, Witch on Goblin Slayer
Joseph Kenta Miyake Muhammad Abdul in JoJo’s Crazy Adventures 2, Kokitus in The Overlord
Sophie Yumiri Hanamori Shchizu in the TV series About My Reincarnation as a Slime, Naeshchiko Kagamihara in the series Cozy Camping

The duo of authors under the pseudonym So-ma-to have been releasing the original manga, House of Shadows, in Weekly Young Jump magazine since September 2018. The manga is now compiled into seven volumes.


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