How to enjoy popular animation experience exhibitions at home

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How to enjoy popular animation experience exhibitions at home

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Conjinwon’Confinity Business’ Launched’Shinbi Apartment VR Package’ in connection with CJ ENM and Alpha Circle
Realization of seamless 8K high-definition with 3D VR video playback service
Utilizing human resources and intellectual property rights of large corporations, adding ideas and technologies from startups

The area of ​​realistic content using animation has been expanded. The media immersive experience exhibition has reached the stage of enjoying virtual reality (VR) at home. Korea’s most popular animation’Shinbi Apartment’ took its first steps.

On the 19th, the Korea Creative Content Agency announced on the 19th that CJ ENM and Alpha Circle, which were linked through’CON:FINITY’, a start-up development and support project linked to content companies, have released’Shinbi Apartment VR Package’. ‘Shinbi Apartment Media Adventure: I’m Going to Save!’ It is a product that reconstructs the program before the experience into VR content. CJ ENM XR Business Team Manager Lee Kun-chang explained, “You can experience the world of’Shinbi Apt.’ that can only be met in the exhibition hall,” and said, “You can feel like you have met with various ghosts as well as the main characters Mystery, Hari, and Advent.” .

There was a case before the exhibition space was implemented with VR video. However, it was not possible to convey full immersion due to poor image quality and stuttering. CJ ENM overcame the difficulties with’Alpha View’ developed by Alpha Circle. It is a service that plays local 8K three-dimensional (3D) VR images with a technology that divides the entire 360-degree image and synchronizes the divided images. It provides a VR playback player and codec files necessary for an optimized playback environment. It is evaluated that the technology to improve VR image quality through screen division and synchronization method is the most outstanding.

How to enjoy popular animation experience exhibitions at home

Eui-Hyun Shin, CEO of Alpha Circle, said, “We were able to realize 8K-class image quality in VR with an exclusive algorithm.” “Only the user’s viewing angle area up to the display limit is implemented in ultra-high quality, and the rest is waited with the minimum quality. It is expected to be used in a variety of ways by seamlessly connecting the segmented images without error of one frame.”

Technological innovation gained momentum by participating in’Confinity’. Instead of providing CJ ENM with various ideas and technologies, they were able to utilize their human resources and intellectual property (IP). CEO Shin said, “We were able to prove the possibility of our technology as a result of launching a cooperative business with the arrangement of Conjin One. With this product launch, we were able to commercialize’Alpha View’, as well as transmit 16K super-resolution VR contents and I will devote myself to developing video synchronization technology.” “We were able to meet customers”needs’ by meeting with excellent startups,” said Lee. “We plan to continue cooperative business in various fields.”

This achievement is likely to lead to the expansion of’Confinity’. Park Gyeong-ja, head of the corporate talent cultivation headquarters of Kon Jin-won, said, “12 content startups that successfully completed projects with large companies last year have more than doubled sales compared to the previous year and attracted an investment of 20.1 billion won.” I will contribute to the construction,” he said. He added, “We plan to carry out content open innovation worth KRW 1 billion, and support commercialization funds, business cooperation with partners, investment linkage, and customized consulting.”

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