My Hero Academia: Cosplay Perfectly Presents Student Ibara Shiosaki

Class 1-B of My Hero Academia is full of prospects with more than enough potential to be crowned “the best outstanding first-year students”, as in the case of student Ibara Shiosaki, who is now perfectly represented thanks to the following cosplay made by Kincho_hur (Twitter).

Ibara has a peculiar Don who turned her hair into vides (vines with thorns) that sprouts at will to master them with great ease. This ability proved to be one of the most terrifying as he can attack and defend himself with them at the same time.

Miss Kincho_hur had a phenomenal result recreating the character, both in her physical appearance and in the personality she reflects. From her first appearance, Ibara appears as a calm, courteous person with a personality that emanates references of a religious nature.

Cosplay Ibara Shiosaki My Hero Academia

Identica | Photo: Kincho_hur (Twitter)

All these qualities make her look like someone very calm, but when Ibara is determined to fight she can dispatch even the students from room 1-A, as it happened with Denki Kaminari in the arc of the sports festival.

Ibara and the rest of the Class 1-B students in the fifth season of My Hero Academia to challenge their “first-year rivals” during the arc of the team battles, this time in teams of four against four.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 --Shiozaki VS Kaminari

What did you think of this cosplay de Ibara Shiosaki de My Hero Academia?


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