Naruto: Girl performs a stunning cosplay that brings Konan to life

Fans of Naruto They are some of the most ingenious when it comes to making all kinds of tributes to their favorite characters from the series, as is the case of the following cosplay that amazingly brings life to Konan, the beautiful and powerful kunoichi de Akatsuki.

The cosplayer of Brazilian origin known on instagram as @yxandere, has been in charge of recreating some of the most recognized characters in anime, and this time it was the turn of the paper angel.

As we can see below, the artist has been in charge of capturing the most representative elements of the character, such as the black robe of red clouds characteristic of the Akatsuki, as well as the lilac hair and even some paper wings that make us remember the powerful technique that this kunoichi he used to infiltrate or defeat his adversaries.

konan cosplay naruto character anime

Total stealth | Image: @yxandere

The work has received quite positive comments from the followers of the work Masashi Kishimito, and it is that we remember that despite in essence being a villain, Konan is a public favorite.

Konan was a student of legendary sannin Jiraiya and for a long time the only female member of the organization Akatsuki. She was an unconditional companion of Pain throughout his life, whom he accompanied until the last moments.

konan cosplay naruto character anime

Beautiful and powerful | Image: @yxandere

What did you think of this cosplay that brings the character Konan from the anime to life Naruto?

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