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The Council for Information and Monitoring of Government Actions (CISAG) hosted a press conference on Monday, April 12, 2021 in Ouagadougou, to give its reading of a number of topical subjects including the reconfiguration of space. partisan post-elections, the security situation in the East and the Sahel and the crisis in the education sector.

New reforms in education continue to generate a lot of ink and saliva. The Council for Information and Monitoring of Government Actions (CISAG) gave its reading of this situation during a press conference that it hosted on April 12, 2021 in Ouagadougou. For the president of CISAG, Issiaka Ouédraogo, its structure is worried about the situation of total decrepitude in which the Burkinabè school finds itself. To hear him, the recent school demonstrations against the reforms undertaken by the government are really only the tip of the iceberg. “Our schools have become landmarks of lawlessness, places of drug consumption and trafficking, areas of physical violence and the promotion of incivism and intolerance,” he said. According to him, it will take much more than a national forum to diagnose the problems in order to find suitable solutions. “Trying to resolve the issue of educational governance in Burkina Faso without taking into account all the other societal parameters will be a perilous undertaking whose success will not necessarily be guaranteed,” he insisted. Concerning the reconfiguration of the partisan space post-elections, Issiaka Ouédraogo maintained that “the upheavals operated on the political scene, have at times left more than one speechless with the very risk of definitively blurring the visibility on the whole of the world. ‘political chessboard’. According to him, the tensions observed around affiliation to the majority and to the opposition or to the CFOP, call for the need to re-read the law on the status of the Leader of the political opposition, in order to avoid amalgams. “The recent media outings of certain opposition political parties not affiliated with the CFOP, denouncing a letter from MATD which, urging them to do so, is proof that this law does not have the same interpretation among all political actors”, he confided. CISAG officials also want amendments to be quickly made to the new Electoral Code so that the 2022 deadline for the organization of municipal elections is respected. The speakers of the day also addressed the issue of security. According to the president of CISAG, despite the deliberately optimistic and reassuring speech conveyed by the authorities, the terrorist attacks continue. He therefore urges the government to diligently take into account the difficulties encountered by the Volunteers for the defense of the homeland in order to give them the means that go with their commitment. Regarding the transport sector, Issiaka Ouédraogo said that: “between corporatists and monopolistic behavior, we are witnessing the passing of arms between certain actors and the authorities against a background of accusations of all kinds”. CISAG representatives believe that it is in everyone’s interest to support the government’s efforts to establish better governance in the transport sector. The CISAG says it is also concerned about the situation of the national economy, in particular that of the private sector which has been severely affected by the health crisis due to Covid-19. In this regard, CISAG hopes for a rapid opening of the land borders of ECOWAS member countries, with the taking of adequate measures to deal with the coronavirus crisis, and envisages, in the coming days, the organization of a support for economic recovery and encouragement of all stakeholders. The CISAG also denounces what it qualifies as an intoxication campaign against Apollinaire Compaoré by international media, and consequently, through the voice of its president, condemns “the allegations without evidence against a dynamic and enterprising business leader and which is the pride of Burkina Faso both nationally and internationally ”.

Rahamatou SANON

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