Nobuchanman President Nobuo Takishita If you try to cosplay … | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Nobuchanman has 53 stores of the famous 100-yen bread “Kyoto Isaburo Bread” in Kyushu. It also sells furniture and liquor, which is its main business.

Due to the influence of Corona, sales have been struggling by 20% compared to the previous year, but the president, Nobuo Takishita (67), is still bullish. Even under this circumstance, he continues to open new stores, saying, “Aim for 100 stores.”

President Takishita is also the company name, and sometimes stands in the store with the cosplay of his character “Nobuchanman”.

“A muscular costume, a horned headgear like a Viking, a big sword and a shield. The red cheeks and thick eyebrows make-up are unforgettable once you see them. The special move is slipper kick. Raise your legs and aim at slippers. Kick! It comes back to your feet quickly because it has a rubber cord (laughs). “

■ Children who come to 100 yen bread will be pleased


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