Phantom Pinch Face Data Daquan How to Pinch Face_Game 369

Phantom face pinch data can help players generate good-looking face shapes with one click, and face pinch data male and face pinch data female will be different, then the editor will share the magic tower face pinch data for everyone, one Get up and take a look!

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1. When we enter the game, there is a “pre-pinch face” in the upper right corner, click in and you can pinch your face;

2. There are currently 4 preset images in the face pinch interface for us to choose. Click on the male/female under the character to choose the gender, you can choose 1 image at will, and then set his appearance, hairstyle, and facial features;

3. If you can’t pinch your hand, you can click on the popular image in the upper right corner of the interface, or in the lobby, there are a variety of popular images, and everyone’s face pinching data reference, input the pinch data to export your favorite shape!

The above is the complete list of phantom pinch face data, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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