“Spain needs an open-air anime and Asian film channel on DTT, either way”

We have all grown up seeing in the past japanese cartoon (anime) like Heidi, Marco, Mazinger Z… 46 years ago, in 1978, when they were broadcast on television. There is even, in the town of El Pla de Santa Maria (Tarragona) a giant statue of Mazinger Z.

Currently, the televisions of this country no longer want to broadcast anime, not even Asian cinema. And what’s worse: the anime series Dragon Ball Super is censored in Boing every night, Monday through Thursday. The anime and asian cinema are suffering a discrimination and marginalization in every rule, and at this rate, in the future, it will disappear in Spain if it is not remedied.

For this reason, our country needs an anime television channel, free, open on DTT, which broadcasts 24-hour series and movies, ‘hentai’, the program ‘Humor Amarillo’, asian cinema, ‘kage eiga’ cinema, martial arts cinema, drama, jpop / kpop music, video game shows and programs about comics, manga and anime, which interest many viewers in this country who are fond of these genres.

Other countries already have their own channels anime TV channels: Germany (Prosieben Maxx), Russia (FAN and 2X2), Brazil (Loading), France (Mangas), Chile (ETC-TV), Mexico (Bitme), Peru (Willax-TV) … Why can’t Spain have yours? I’m absolutely right, right? Judge for yourself, please.

For this reason, signatures are already being collected (more than 10,000 are needed) on the following website: www.peticionpublica.es/pview.aspx?pi=ES81910. The signatures will be sent to all televisions in Spain. Anime distributors in Spain as Selecta Visión, Jonu Media, Cine Asia and Arait Multimedia should support This great initiative is necessary for the future of anime in Spain on television. The channel 3XL of Catalonia It was the first anime channel in Spain nine years ago (in 2012).


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