The 4th “Opening Today! SQUARE ENIX” will be delivered on March 29th! 2B Kos Enako appears as a guest | Game information site Gamer

Program introduction Opened today! Square Enix is ​​a collaboration project between Kansuto TV and official goods, and is it the first time in history that specializes in introducing “Square Enix Official Goods”? !! This is a mail-order program only for game goods. This time, which is the 4th edition, has been a hot topic even […]

“High School DxD” Gothic Lolita costume Koneko Tojo is here! Date event “Gothic Lolita Festival!” Held | Game information site Gamer

Uraomote Hidden, Monochrome of Love ♪ Date event “Gothic Lolita Festival!” Is being held! story We at Okaken will also participate in a certain cosplay event! Waiting for me to go to the site with expectations in mind were the Okaken girls wearing cute Gothic Lolita! “Maybe it was a little too bold.” “Can you […]

Super-simple penguins cosplay by popular Korean Tik Toker “seahssam” A video comparing young people in Japan, China and South Korea is also popular (February 27, 2021) | BIGLOBE News

Super easy penguins cosplay by popular Korean Tik Toker “seahssam” Video comparing young people in Japan, China and South Korea is also popular Enlarge photo It seems that the super-simple penguins cosplay released by the popular Korean Tik Toker “seahssam”, which has more than 1 million followers, is attracting attention. @seahssam 😶#세아쌤 #seahssam #fyp ♬ […]

“Web Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” will be held on February 7th! Introducing general booths and company booths that were scheduled to be exhibited | Game information site Gamer

Web Wonder Festival Overview Reminder date: February 7, 2021 (Sun) 10:00~17:00 Venue: Web Wonder Festival special site ( And your website / SNS * The special site will be released on February 5th at 17:00. Participation fee: Free Outline of the event: “Web Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” special site was set up on the official website […]