“Hey Mama” Cosplay Music Video

We do not own the song or character in this video. Hello! ~ So here is our newest CMV! (hopefully he doesn’t get copyrighted gahh EDIT: he did …) So! I listened to this song and I immediately thought of the relationship between Light / Misa, Sakura / Sasuke, and Mikasa / Eren. (Though I […]

[Cosplay Music Video] Gotham Sirens (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn)

// Batman and all his characters belong to Bob Kane, Bill Finger and DC Comics // CMV (Cosplay Music Video) based on Pierces’ “boring” music videos, and Batman female characters Catwoman, Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn ( Gotham City Sirens). Producer: Velvet Neko https://www.facebook.com/VelvetNekoCosplay?fref=ts Co-producer: EMC Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/pages/EMC-Cosplay/158410700885350?fref=ts Framed: Mitsuyo Akuma https://www.facebook.com/mitsuyo.akuma?fref=ts Screenplay: Velvet Neko […]

IberAnime Lx 2017 – Cosplay Music Video (Weekend)

Cosplay Music Video for both days of IberAnime Lx 2017 ————————————– – ———————————————— – —————– Third and Final Cosplay Video Music for IberAnime Lx 2017. Just like I did for AniComics 2017, I decided to make three Cosplay Video Music for IberAnime Lx 2017 to be able to include every cosplayer. For this one I […]

AniComics 2017 – Cosplay Music Video (Weekend)

Cosplay Music Video for both days at AniComics 2017 ————————————– – ———————————————— – —————- This is the third and last CMV I did for AniComics. In this video I include every cosplayer I filmed during the two days at AniComics, choosing what I thought were the best clips for each one. The main reason I […]

Otafest 2013 cosplay Showcase 1-2

Cosplay and convention fun from Otafest 2013. Video 1 of 2. Lead Cosplay to Marceline (Adventure Time) by Becka (plushible.tumblr.com). Filmed on a Canon 6D using a Steadicam pilot. Music: Live in this City by Dragonette Filmed at the University of Calgary. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. OTL Productions watermark video made by Lauren K. (vaults.tumblr.com) This […]

[CMV] Guilty Crown ~ Euterpe ~ Cosplay Live Action

No copyright infringement is intended. This is a non-professional video designed just for fun. and for the love of Guilty Crown anime. Special thanks to all the cosplayers in this video! Credit: I don’t own the music! Music: “Euterpe” (EGOIST) video editing by Lyne Cosplay Production cast: Chibi Datenshi Cosplay as Yuzuriha Inori Yorutsu (Mutuality) […]