“Lord of Darkness: Another History of the World

Takuma Sakamoto loves to play computer games. One of them “Crossroads” attracts him the most, he has been playing it for several years. The knowledge gained during the gameplay helped him reach the highest level, he received the title of the powerful lord of darkness Diablo. Other players are afraid to communicate with such a […]

Art and Literature | Behind the hot screening of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” theatrical version: What enlightenment does decades of animation IP continue to attract fans to us_Works

Original title: Hundreds of Artists | Behind the Hot Screening of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”: What Enlightenment Brought to Us by Decades of Animation IP’s Continuous Fanfare EVA is the abbreviation of “Evangelion”. The latest theater version of “The Final Chapter” was released in Japan for four weeks and the box office exceeded 6.8 billion yen. […]

Superhero Flight Animations, Category Animation

4.5 out of 5 stars(2 ratings) This is a set of animations, additive poses, simple VFX, and Blueprints to form a flight system. Support platform Supported engine version 4.25 – 4.26 Download type Whole project This product contains the entire Unreal Engine project folder as well as configuration files, content files, and .uproject files that […]