The best cosplay from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was seen during BlizzConline 2021

Given the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s BlizzCon, whose summary in Spanish you can read here, it has been held completely virtual under the apt name of ‘BlizzConline‘. Despite this, one of the main activities of the event has remained standing: the contest cosplays. Since fans of Blizzard games could not attend the fair disguised as their favorite characters, the company organized this activity in virtual format and the results are just as spectacular.

We already know which have been the winners of the contest cosplayers BlizzConline 2021 and the top spot in the main category is well deserved: the winner has been Hartigan Cosplay, a cosplayer Belgian who has surprised with a stunning Bolvar Fordragon costume, one of the main characters of World of Warcraft which, in addition to having a fundamental role in the saga, is one of the most important appearances of the last published expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Below these lines you can see a video in which he explains how this fascinating cosplayer.

A cosplay burning

As you can see, Hartigan has done his best to get all the details of this version of Bolvar Fordragon: her skin burned, magma gushing out from between the openings in her body, eyes lit up One detail that has been particularly liked is that the cosplay it even emanates smoke, giving the sensation of being an entity of living lava and volcanic rock. Thanks to this creation, which by the way is the first of its kind to make the cosplayer, has managed to win two awards at BlizzConline 2021: best adaptation of a Blizzard character and that of best of the contest.

There are other categories within the contest cosplayers of BlizzConline 2021 and in all of them there are several finalists who have presented costumes as surprising and detailed as Hartigan’s. Special mention to cosplayer Spanish Anhyra Cosplay, that with his cosplay Leader’s Barbara has not only achieved a place among the finalists of the award for the best of the contest, but also has won the award for best weapon and armor.


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