The creator of the musical “Hedwig and the Unfortunate Inch” will star in the TV series “Joe Exotic”

Actor and director John Cameron Mitchell will star in the TV series Joe Exotic, about the former owner of a zoo with tigers, who became infamous after the release of the documentary series The King of the Tigers. Reported by Variety.

In 2001, Mitchell directed the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Unfortunate Inch, in which he played the main role. A little later, he made a film based on this performance. In addition, he is known as a member of the series “Vinyl”, “Mozart in the Jungle”, “The Twilight Zone” and “Girls”.

The artist will star in Joe Exotic opposite Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon. She got the role of the activist and enemy of Exotic Carol Baskin.

Mitchell, in an interview with the publication, said that there is a lot in common between him and the prototype of his character: they are the same age, both openly gay and grew up in the southern states, where they often do not tolerate representatives of the LGBT community.

“I think I understand a little about this guy and his desperate attempts to conquer an inhospitable world,” said the artist.

Joe Exotic received worldwide acclaim for the Netflix documentary miniseries The King of the Tigers: Murder, Chaos and Frenzy. He is a redneck, homosexual and owner of the Oklahoma Zoo. The man changed four spouses, ran for president of the United States and governors of the state. Exotic fought for many years with Baskin, who wanted to end his business. He took revenge on her in every possible way: he sent threats and even decided to organize her murder, for which he was brought to justice.

In December, it became known that Carol Baskin was planning to launch her own show. With her team, she hopes to “end the abuse of big cats.”

By the way, Joe Exotic, among other things, is known for his unusual taste in clothes ─ “Poster Daily” wrote how to dress in the style of an eccentric lover of wild cats.


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