The haunting and incredible cosplay of the snapper from The Last of Us that will terrify all fans

Do you hear that tapping in the dark? Don’t talk, don’t move, don’t even breathe. Snappers are nearby.

Cosplays and video games will always be linked and in recent years we have seen everything in this matter. The level of these fan-made apparel has reached incredible quality standards and the passion of some male and female players has once been demonstrated.

The Last of Us It is a relatively simple saga to recreate within the cosplay world if we talk about humans, but if we go to the side of the infected … there is another story and if not they tell it to this cosplayer who has already viralized her latest work.

Allie cosplayer (@donttouchmymilk on Instagram) wanted to recreate, with tremendous accuracy, the design of one of the most terrifying enemies from The Last of Us. The famous snappers are back thanks to a series of cosplays that we leave you a little below.

Snappers represent an almost final phase of cordyceps fungus development in The Last of Us, where the cause of the infection has become deeply lodged, leading to a characteristic deformed face and to that echo that they emit to detect any nearby noise.

Here are some of the essential accessories and peripherals to enhance your PlayStation 4 experience.

Not far from settling for a cosplay, he has performed up to four different masks which, of course, leave everyone who sees them somewhat uneasy. What do you think of these designs?

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