The way of the apron: the censorship of anime in China

Those who know and have had the opportunity to appreciate the adventures of Tatsu, the protagonist of The way of the apron, he knows very well how the protagonist of this hilarious story is a former yakuza who has decided to change his life for love. A life in which his past is always present because of his ways of doing and for the many tags (typical of the yakuza) that recall the particular past.

Well, the story, recently broadcast around the world, has undergone censorship in China where Tatsu has always appeared without his beloved tattoos. Attention, from here on the text may contain spoiler.



The way of the apron and censorship in China

This is a tweet from which you can see the complaints.

As anticipated, the Chinese version of La via del apron has undergone censorship. The protagonist Tatsu, in fact, as visible from the tweet above, has been totally cleaned of his tattoos.

In Japan the yakuza are normally identified for the strong presence of tattoos which is therefore a distinctive trait, which is therefore lacking in the Chinese version.

For anime, the problem of censorship is by no means new. A similar one, for example, concerned another very famous anime or the Attack of the Giants which in Malaysia saw the giants equipped with boxer and costumes. There, in fact, nude images are prohibited. And even though the giants do not actually have genitals, the censorship was still applied.

The street of the apron also has a live action

Anyone who has had the opportunity to attend the anime of The Way of the Apron will be happy to know that in Japan a drama in 10 episodes which explores Tatsu’s life more fully. In the drama he and his wife Miku have a little girl named Himawari (born from a previous relationship of Miku) and are confronted every day both with her and with the other characters already known through the manga and the anime.

A well-made story that, without taking anything away from the original, enriches it with details that, if possible, help to better understand the various characters, providing a broader and more complete interpretation.



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