Tokyo Revengers: this is how the new anime convinces with its first episodes

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Four episodes of the all-new Tokyo Revengers series have been released since April. In this first impression, we take a look at what the anime focuses on and what potential the plot offers.

The 2021 spring season awaits you with exciting series. In addition to the fifth season of My Hero Academia and many other sequels, a whole slew of new titles are also released. While some of them get little attention, some are long overdue by fans. Including the anime adaptation of the manga series “Tokyo Revengers”. But what about the hot new series?

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Travel back in time with Takemichi

Tokyo Revengers was originally released as a manga * by Ken Wakui in 2017. As of April 11, the story has also appeared on Japanese television under the direction of Studio Liden Films. While the original work already comprises over 200 chapters, only four episodes of the television series have so far been released.

The plot revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a young adult whose life is at its worst. But as if he didn’t have enough problems already, he also realizes that his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana was killed by the infamous Tokyo Manji Gang. When he thinks about what went wrong in his life, he suddenly finds himself in the past. Takemichi has been a time traveler for 12 years as a schoolboy and once again as a couple with Hinata. When he realizes the opportunities presented by this new situation, he decides to save his girlfriend from her tragic fate.

The concept of time travel is nothing new to the anime industry. Songs like Re: Zero, Erased and Steins; Gate also use this element to make their story more exciting. What sets Tokyo Revengers apart is the unique implementation of the time travel system. Instead of being randomly teleported back to the past, the protagonist knows exactly what tasks he needs to complete in the past and what mistakes need to be corrected. In doing so, he takes a completely new path that requires not only tactical thinking, but also a willingness to take risks and courage.

Protagonist in the face of great challenges

The first episodes of Tokyo Revengers are particularly promising because of their many characters. In a very short time, the viewer gets to know not only Takemichi’s friends, but also the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. It turns out very early on that no one is easy to see, and everyone acts for different reasons. While some gang members are brutal thugs, others have their hearts in the right place despite their high position.

Takemichi travels through time to save Hinata. / © KAZÉ Anime

But Tokyo Revengers just as quickly indicates that nothing is set in stone. Positions within the Tokyo Manji Gang are changing, which means that a first antagonist is entering the stage soon. Changing the past doesn’t seem as easy as Takemichi initially assumed. He has to make tough decisions that will soon make him a target.

Already in the first episodes, it becomes clear that the plot of Tokyo Revengers pursues a goal and was logically thought out in advance. If you’re in the mood for an exciting time travel story with lots of surprises, you’re well served with the Spring Series. While we don’t yet know how the next episodes will play out, the title has provided a lot of fun and thrill so far.

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