What else are you hiding, Hideo Kojima? Fan finds rare scene in Death Stranding – will be opened by the most die-hard couriers

A fan of Hideo Kojima’s art has discovered a hidden cutscene in Death Stranding that fans have yet to see. In order to open it, the craftsman took a lot of effort and time, and to repeat after him, you need a wagon of patience.

Reddit user with nickname aadipie shared video, which showed a rare cut-scene in the game Death Stranding. In the project of game designer Hideo Kojima, the player takes on the role of Sam Porter Bridges (played by Norman Reedus) – a courier whose task is to deliver goods and packages, as well as unite a torn America.

The character has indicators of health and stamina. The first is consumed when taking damage, and the second when moving. During his routes, the hero must confront local bandits and dark entities from the other world, which are called Beasts.

The monsters are invisible, and a special device called Bridge Baby (BB) helps Sam detect them – an artificially grown baby enclosed in a capsule. It has a calmness scale – when it ends, the device goes into a state of severe stress called autoxemia.

To restore the character’s stamina level and the BB’s calmness, they need rest. The redditor found out that if you come to your private room, when Bridge Baby has autoxemia, and Sam is literally collapsing from fatigue, then the game will launch a special cut-scene. In it, the courier will put the baby on “recharge”, and he himself will fall exhausted on the bed.

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Gamers were surprised by the fact that they themselves never managed to find this part of the game.

Some commentators also encountered this scene during the passage and thought that it should be so.

Many noted the developer’s love for such little things.

For a complete immersion in Kojima’s game, the blogger decided to find out how Sam Bridges feels after each delivery. The guy replaced the gamepad with a treadmill, and now he needs to sweat to complete the adventure.

And the most ardent fans of Death Stranding, apparently, live in China. The costumes of local couriers are the best cosplay for the main character.


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