Youth author Éric Singelin meets the students

Discovering the pop-up

From March until May, the La Monnaye media library lives to the rhythm of the Spring of Creators. Exhibitions, writing and drawing competitions are thus organized. And meetings with authors.

Thus Thursday and Friday, Éric Singelin, youth author, creator of pop-up (animated books), went to meet the pupils of eight elementary classes of the schools of Meung-sur-Loire and those of the reading club. from the Gaston-Couté college.

Thanks to
and folding

A graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Éric Singelin has developed his work around the object book, and is more particularly interested in the pop-up technique. This allows you to create volume in a double page thanks to cutting and folding systems.

The youth publishing sector regularly calls on him, as well as communication and architectural agencies.

Involved in the transmission of his knowledge, the author offered students workshops to discover the techniques of the pop-up book.

Beforehand, the schoolchildren had prepared their questions by studying one of his books in class: “I am the tree”.

They created their own pop-up

With white and colored sheets, glue and scissors, they were inspired by the models proposed by the author but also created their own pop-up.

“These interventions were very appreciated by schoolchildren and college students, assured Christine Frobert, head of the media library. “And to continue:” On the eve of the closure of schools due to the new confinement, this meeting was a real breath of fresh air for the children. ”


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